Art Print : Superstrange

Rs. 650 Rs. 650 % OFF
* For Indian Pincodes only

Size: 10" x 10" (Unframed) - email us at for customized size options | Canvas: Paper / Canvas / Upcycled Pylwood

Presenting the Yes yes, why not? Art Prints. Curated by our inhouse team, these designs are created & conceptualized by some of the finest, youngest art talent in the country. At Yes yes, why not?, each artist is a member of our family, and so the proceeds from each sale goes towards encouraging the young artist to live their dreams. 

Furthermore, our Art Prints are available in 3 avataars:  

  • The Poster : these are the good ol' posters - printed on premium matt / glossy paper.
  • The Canster : printed on premium matt canvas, these are ideal posters for maturer kids, and
  • The Pimped Up Plywood: printed on upcycled cured plywood planks, these prints are doubly good for the soul.

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